Top 10 reasons to start meditating today – including anti-aging!

Top 10 reasons to start meditating today – including anti-aging!

What if your doctor offered you a pill to take twice a day that has no negative side effects and is proven to:

  1. slow down your aging process
  2. improve your brain function and memory
  3. increase your productivity and creativity
  4. decrease stress
  5. reduce anxiety
  6. improve your immune system
  7. decrease inflammation
  8. reduce pain
  9. boost your happiness
  10. leave you with a sense of calmness and peace

How much would you be willing to pay for this magic pill?

Well the good news is that the pill is free! But it is not a pill to swallow, it is called meditation. In exchange for paying money and going to the pharmacy for refills, you commit to taking 15 to 20 minutes each morning and evening for some quiet time for yourself.  This small investment in your time is well worth the effort.

Read our article on meditation for the scientific evidence, types of meditation, tips and links to guided meditations to get your started. We hope you enjoy adopting a lifelong, daily meditation practice and the many benefits it has to offer.


How your thoughts and emotions influence your health

How your thoughts and emotions influence your health

Example of Human Energy Field from "Hands of Light" by Barbara Ann Brennan

Example of Human Energy Field from “Hands of Light” by Barbara Ann Brennan

Everything is energy.

This is a simple statement with profound implications. Everything in the universe is made up of atoms and molecules, contains information and vibrates at a certain frequency. But most of us go about our daily lives not really thinking about the fact they we are energetic beings with a human energy field (EF) surrounding us. After all, we feel solid. We have bones, muscles, organs, glands and blood flowing through our arteries and veins. But we are 100% energy – just like animals, plants, rocks, mountains, buildings, and books. Even your thoughts and emotions are a form of energy. Positive emotions like love and joy have a high vibration and negative emotions like fear, guilt, anger and self-doubt have a low vibration.

Why is this important to know?
Energy flows and attracts and is influenced by other energy. It is well documented that stress is linked to disease. We are bombarded each day with negative energy such as news stories about violence and war, pollution, stress at work, your own negative belief systems, addictions and even poor diet choices. If you are like most people, by the time you are in your early twenties (source: Caroline Cory), you have had years of programming your cells with thoughts like, “I am not wanted,” “I am responsible for my parents’ divorce,” “I don’t fit in,” “I’m confused about my life purpose,” and “I’m not good enough”. This negative energy gets registered in our bodies and damages the DNA in cells. Over time, it can lead to disease.